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School Finance

by Bill Whiteneck

School Finance: The Way It Is (Slide 1)

The Way It Is

School Finance: The Way It Could Be (Slide 2)

The Way It Could Be

California K-12 School Spending as a Percentage of Personal Income (Slide 3)

California K-12 Spending

The School Finance System (Sources & Distribution) (Slide 4)

The School Finance System

School Finance (General Purpose vs. Earmarked Funds) (Slide 5)

School Finance

Basic Aid Districts (Slide 6)

Basic Aid Districts

Base Revenue Limit Example (Per ADA Amount) (Slide 7)

Basic Revenue Limit Example

Where K-12 Education Dollars Are Spent (Slide 8)

K-12 Education Dollars

School Districts by Size and Distribution of Students (slide 9)

School Districts by Size

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