Speaker's Commission
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AGENDA: March 24, 1999
San Francisco, CA

The Speaker's Commission on State and Local Government Finance

Meeting #3 Agenda
10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, March 24, 1999
James Irvine Foundation Offices
One Market Street, San Francisco (map)

1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2. Introductions and Welcome
David Abel, Chair

3. Host Welcome
Nick Bollman, Irvine Foundation

4. Organizational Business
  • Approval of Minutes (Synopsis): February 24, 1999
  • Discussion of Mission Statement
  • Calendar of future meetings
  • Discussion of future agendas/curriculum
  • Update of web page

5. Presentation: Fred Silva
Matrix of State/Local Finance Reform Proposals, Per Request of Commissioners

 6. Presentation: Michael Shires, PPIC
Post Prop 13 Patterns of State/Local Finance

7. Presentation: Marianne O'Mally, Leg. Analyst's Office
Overview of Local Finance System in California


8. Testimony from Bay Area Stakeholders

9. Discussion & Review of Presentations
Staff Response to Commission requests for information

10. Public Comment

11. Adjournment

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