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 Lets Give Real Power to the People LA Times (11/22)

 Sales Tax Lust: Chasing Retailers Doesn't Help the Economy Sacramento Bee (11/15)

 Legislature may dare to revisit Prop. 13 tax cut. San Jose Mercury News (10/25)

 Counties Win Round in Suit Against State Court LA Times (10/19)

 Taxes: A State of Confusion LA Times (10/27)

 Senate Leader Shoots Down City's Attempt To Take More Tax Money Sacramento Bee (9/9)

 GOP Defeats Transit Tax Plan in Assembly Times (9/8)

 State of Disrepair L.A. Weekly (9/3)

 Bill Designed To Avoid Fights Over Sales-Tax Sources Passes Senate
Sacramento Bee (8/30)

 L.A. Unified Lags in Bond Funding Race Times (8/30)

 Connell's Plan Doesn't Do It Sacramento Bee (8/23)

 In the Money Times (8/13)

 Public Policy Skillfully Crafted: Finance, Water Wars & Senator Peace Metro Investment Report (8/10)

 Speaker's Commission Offers a Fresh Analysis of State-Local Fiscal Problem (8/10)

 December 1997 - California Update

 Public Policy Skillfully Crafted: Finance, Water Wars & Senator Peace Metro Investment Report (7/99)

 City Competition for Sales Taxes: Symptom of a Larger Problem?
The Public Policy Institute of California (7/22)

 Governor Signs Legislation Signaling New Era in State-Local Government Finances
California State Association of Counties (7/22)

 The Mall Sales Tax Trap
Los Angeles Times (7/19)

 State Officials Focus On Local Finance But 'Fix' May Be Complicated
By Paul Shigley (7/14)

 Senate OKs Majority Vote for Local Sales Taxes
The Sacramento Bee (7/13)

 Study: Online New-Car Shopping Surges
Reuters (Published July 12, 1999)

 Problems Loom For Sales Tax
By Dan Walters (Published July 9, 1999)

 Angelides - 'Smart Investments' and Smart Politics
By Peter Schrag, The Sacramento Bee (Published June 30, 1999)

 LAO's "Shifting Gears: Rethinking Property Tax Shift Relief"
League of California Cities (Published July 8, 1999)

 Cities Entwined In Money War
By Dan Walters, The Sacramento Bee (Published June 9, 1999)

 Smart Land Use Choices Are Critical for California's Economy
Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy (Published June, 1999)

 Finance Commission Re-Examining Prop. 13
By Kathleen Les, Capitol Journal (Published March 22, 1999)

 Budget Plan Would Shift Power from Capitol to City Hall
By Doug Willis, AP Political Writer,The Sacramento Bee (Published June 13, 1999)

 Peter Schrag: The Democrats' Local Unaccountability Bill
The Sacramento Bee (Published June 9, 1999)

 Property Tax Shift Grates
By Dan Walters, Capitol Alert (Published June 4, 1999)

 Local Governments Want State To Return Money Now That Budget Picture Is Rosy
By Jake Henshaw, Capitol Alert (Published May 30, 1999)

 Fiscal Hope for Counties Los Angeles Times (Published May 31, 1999)

 Budget battle focuses on state control of local schools
By Doug Willis, Sacto Bee Associated Press Writer (Published May 31st.)

 Proposition 13: The property-tax revolution has been institutionalized in ways even Howard Jarvis never could have predicted. Is it time for a change? KCRW's Which Way LA?, May 14, 1999.

 Dan Walters: A rare diamond amid the junk
By Dan Walters, Capitol Alert (Published May 12, 1999)

 Changes urged in running of schools: More local control advised by analyst, By Dan Smith, Bee Deputy Capitol Bureau Chief (Published May 12, 1999)

 Analyst proposes more local control over public education
By Jennifer Kerr, Associated Press Writer, Associated Press, (May, 1999)

KNBC - Jess Marlow Commission Chair David Abel and member Joel Fox NEW!discuss local government finance reform with Jess Marlow on KNBC. April, 1999.

 Easier Passage Of Local School Bonds Asked / Sometime foes join to get initiative on 2000 ballot NEW!
By Greg Lucas, San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bureau, May 6, 1999

 Dan Walters: Will locals pay a stiff price?
By Dan Walters, Capitol Alert, April 22, 1999.

 Tax Fault Lines in California Public policy: Business, concerned about crumbling infrastructure, may retreat from part of Proposition 13.
By Joel Fox, Los Angeles Times, Monday, April 19, 1999

 Is It Time to Rethink Prop. 13?
By Diane Wedner, Los Angeles Times, April 18, 1999

 Dealing with the unintended consequences of Proposition 13
By Daniel B. Wood, Christian Science Monitor, April 14, 1999

 Calls for Prop. 13 Revisions Gain Momentum
By Ted Rohrlich, Sunday, March 14, 1999, Los Angeles Times

 Reform of State-Local Finance Must Address Seven Fundamental Issues
By Dean Misczynski , Metro Investment Report, February, 1999.

 Counties and Cities to Sue to Stop Internet Tax Panel
By Jeri Clausing, New York Times, March 3, 1999.

 California's pass-the-buck governmental structure. By Peter Schrag, Sacramento Bee, February 3, 1999.

 No sex appeal, but important By Dan Walters, AP News Wire, February 3, 1999

 Open-minded choice for panel: Ron Unz. San Jose Mercury News. February 5, 1999

 The Speaker's Bold Choice. San Francisco Chronicle. February 3, 1999.

 "Latino Leadership Matures" More confident officials know that to get along, you often have to go along with unlikely bedfellows Los Angeles Times, February 5, 1999

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